HAITI TRIP September 3-8, 2015


I left Omaha, NE for Chicago then Fort Lauderdale to Port-au-Prince. On this trip I carried funds from Messiah Lutheran Lincoln, NE to buy food for an orphanage, plus funds for food supplies for our other supported churches, as well as other requested items including a security system andcameras for Pastor Thomas Bernard’s church and school.

 Immediately after arriving in Haiti I attended the evening service at Zion, the church that meets outside of the home of Leonard Isador. This wonderful service was attended by approximately 200 people. On Friday, Leonard and I met with Pastor Thomas and Josie, who runs the House Of Hope and Love Orphanage, to talk about needs of the orphanage and transfer the needed funds to her for support. We learned that the orphanage is still without reliable electricity which affects their ability to use the pump on their well. We promised to visit the orphanage on Saturday to meet with her further about this problem. We spent the remainder of this day purchasing and delivering supplies to the neediest in the congregations and to the supported churches.

 We spent Saturday at the orphanage. It is now costing Josie seven dollars US each day to have water delivered to the orphanage to be used for washing, cooking and drinking, adding a large financial burden to






her running of the orphanage. Even with the provided well and pump at the site, without needed electricity they are unable to use it. After researching quality well made generators in Haiti we discovered that we can purchase a quality generator for $3,000 US. We are currently seeking these extra funds for this needed project. With gas in Haiti currently running at $4.00 US per gallon, it is yet unclear if running a gas powered generator would be saving her money.

 On Sunday I attended church at Pastor Thomas Bernard’s church at Delmas 75 from 9:00 am – noon. This service was very well attended as usual and I was greeted by many friends. During the evening service at Zion we were able to distribute food supplies to those in attendance. 275 pounds of rice were distributed that evening. Food continues to be in short supply for many of our friends in Haiti, and hearing stories of individuals going several days without food is not unusual.

 Thank you for your prayers for my safety on this trip and for your much needed support of this important work in Haiti.

Dick Buethe, Executive Director



"Food continues to be in short supply for many of our friends in Haiti, and hearing stories of individuals going several days without food is not unusual.."

"Newspaper articles have covered the “dirt cookies” many Haitians have resorted to eating, made of

dirt, salt and butter."

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